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  • Personal counsel for medical professionals

  • Legal advice on professional liability policy coverages, endorsements, and benefits

If you are a defendant in a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit, I am uniquely positioned - given my training and experience - to provide you with personal legal counsel regarding the merits of the case and the various options available to you to resolve the matter and/or protect your personal assets.  This personal legal representation is often necessary and even recommended by the insurance carrier because your assigned defense attorney has been hired only to defend you in the case; he/she usually has not been hired to advise you on your personal financial exposure or to represent your interests when they are in opposition to, or in disagreement with, the insurance company as to case management or direction.

If you are a solo practitioner, a member of a medical practice, or employed by a hospital/healthcare system, I can help ensure that you fully understand your business and professional liability exposures and that you have the appropriate protections in place.




  • Contracts, agreements, and related litigation

  • Insurance policy interpretation and coverage disputes

​I can help if you recently have been (i) offered a business contract or agreement and you need an attorney to review it for you and to represent your interests in further negotiations, and (ii) served with a lawsuit alleging breach of contract, or need legal counsel when you believe someone else has breached their contract or agreement with you.

Moreover, I have over 22 years of experience with insurance companies including writing insurance policy language.  I can help you interpret insurance policy provisions, limitations, and exclusions, and represent you in an insurance coverage dispute.


  • Car/motorcycle accidents

  • Slip and falls on someone else's property

  • Other personal injury

I can represent you in litigation against a negligent party and in negotiations with his/her insurance company (and your insurance company, if necessary) after you suffer a personal injury.

Been turned down by another attorney because he/she did not feel that your case was worth their time to accept?  Give me a call for a "second opinion"; no case is too small.


  • Adoption

  • Divorce

  • Simple Wills

In a legal relationship that you want to end, or has your spouse made it clear that he/she wants out?  I will represent your interests to ensure (i) all efforts are made to preserve the relationship, and/or (ii) you receive all that you are entitled to under the law if the relationship is beyond repair.

I can also draft simple Wills to fit your needs and budget, and can help with adoption proceedings.

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